Nowadays Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school is one of the leading centres of training sportsmen of high class in Russian Federation . It is still guided by the merited trainer of RF, the judge of international category of extra-class Vasiliy Troyanovich Perchik. Year after year the school under his guidance becomes the winner of the region competitions among sport schools for the best organization of the work, for the training professional sportsmen and their excellent performance at Russia and international competitions. Vasiliy Troyanovich, being the director of the school, is also holding classes in the groups of high mastery, which are attended by the masters of sports of international class Oleg Rochev, Dmitriy Nechaev, Aleksandr Pankov and Mihkail Pankov, the merited master of sports Irina Rodina, the master of sports A. Shumkov, D. Chirkov, E. Avdeev, E. Loskutov.

Although now 25 kinds of sport are developing in Krasnokamsk, sambo wrestling is still one of the most popular one. Every year new pupils come to train at the school. And some of the former pupils are eager to come back to their native town after graduating from some higher educational establishments in order to start their training career at the school. And this is really a pleasure as it can help not to lose the best sport traditions of the school.

The necessity of the school existence is out of question nowadays. The work is in full swing here, interesting events are happening and children are always crowded. The school is living as one big friendly family. Its enough to see how furiously pupils sustain each others at competitions and to hear the endless respect in their voices when they speak of their tutors to feel the spirit of brotherhood and mutual aid that prevail here. One can find friends and like-minded persons here, and even ones second half. Many Krasnokamsk sambo wrestlers notice that the school has become their second home and sometimes even the first one. Even people not connected with sport, on entering here admit that its hard to find such comfortable and friendly atmosphere which is peculiar to collectives united by love to the common cause.

Of course, the life and soul of the school was and is its director Vasiliy Perchik. The sambo wrestling school is more than life for him. He devoted himself to it completely. In spite of his external sternness he is loved by all pupils of the school and has the great authority among them. He remembers practically all of his 360 pupils by name and by their results.

The school is roughly developing multiplying the rows of neophytes and champions. The school is preparing for the house-warming which is planed to be in 2007. All this became possible thanks to the federal program of building up sanitary sport complexes in small towns of Russia, which V.Perchiks active position and contacts contributed to. One of the quarters of the complex will be given to sambo wrestlers Conditions for classes will be more comfortable for sportsmen. Spacious rooms and new material-technical basement will definitely become a stimulus for developing of this kind of sport which has been the leader of Krasnokamsk sport during 40 years.

Material basement of the school:

1. Wrestling sport hall 1045 m 2

2. Sport hall equipped with simulators. 90 m 2

3. Medical office

4. Rehabilitation centre

5. Sport museum

The museum of the school.

Successes, hard work and insistence of Krasnokamsk sambo wrestlers were acknowledged by creation of the museum of the school in 1988. The idea of its creation came to Vasiliy Perchiks mind.

The museum is situated in the hall of the sambo wrestling school, it is the collection of diplomas, medals and regalia won by the sambo wrestlers during the latest years.

In the centre there is an exhibit which is to be given special attention to the bronze sculpture of the most famous sportsman of the school, Vasiliy Shvaya who died in 2001.

Here is also a vast photo gallery which depicts the history of the school: its rise and development. Black-and-white photographs made in far 60-70s at first sportsmen championships are changed by the modern ones on which you can see some scenes from the latest championships of the Europe and World, meetings of Vasiliy Perchik and Vladimir Putin and many other interesting things.

All this is just a small part of material evidence of the glorious way of Krasnokamsk sambo wrestlers, as the archives of the museum is constantly enriched by new exhibits.

Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school, 2009
Responsible for development and maintenance: Alexandr Shumkov