Nowadays it/s hardly to imagine sport of Krasnokamsk without Sambo school of Olympic Reserve , foster children of which glorify their Motherland all around the country and abroad. And then, in the distant 1961, people who witnessed the origins of Sambo wrestling couldnt even presuppose that this kind of sport would become the most popular in the town, and best Krasnokamsk Sambo wrestlers and trainers would enlarge the rows of the World Sport Elite.

Its considered that the history of Sambo school in Krasnokamsk and its glorious traditions are rest on Three Whales. These are three men who founded the basics of Sambo in the town and ensured that kind of sport lucky start and triumphal rise to the picks of sport mastery. The names of Sambo founders are written down to the annals of Krasnokamsk sport history, being the main proud of it. These are Aleksandr Shirokov, Rinat Abdulov, Vasiliy Perchik.

The first sambo trainings were held in 1961 by Aleksandr Fedorovich Shirokov who came from Perm. He taught students in Krasnokamsk cellulose-paper technical school to work with metal and at the same time he started sambo trainings at the school gym. Being a master of sambo wrestling Aleksandr Fedorovich was longing to engage in that kind of sport as much youth as possible. And he succeeded in it. At that time there wasnt a great number of sport classes, but propagandizing physical culture and sport was an indispensable part of the politics carried out in the country. That brought to life peoples great interest in sport especially in new kinds of it. The popularity of sambo wrestling spread very quickly, the stream of people wiling to go in for that kind of sport was endless. Vasiliy Perchik, the present manager of sambo wrestling school, was among the first Shirokovs pupils. In 1966 Shirokov left for Perm , but before that he managed to start the development of sambo wrestling in Krasnokamsk, share his mastery with a group of sportsmen who showed promises and also to make that kind of sport practically the most popular in Krasnokamsk. Its also should be noted that before just as well as after his work in Krasnokamsk A.Shirokov sowed the seeds of sambo wrestling in many other towns. Thats why hes got the right to be called the founder of this kind of sport all around Perm region.

In 1964 one of the best Shirokovs pupils, Krasnokamsk born Rinat Zaripovich Abdulov, became the leading trainer of sambo classes. He continued to train sambo wrestlers improving at the same time his own mastery. The rows of children willing to become sambo wrestlers grew more and more and the number of them wasnt limited by the students of the technical school. By the way youth wasnt embarrassed by the entire lack of material basement for full trainings. The training were held on rag mats, the blazers were sewn by sportsmen themselves or were got with immense difficulty. Then the sambo wrestlers were given a gym in the Sport Hall Russia . That kind of sport was marked by the growing popularity, what caused overcrowded sambo classes.

In 1968 Vasiliy Troyanovich Perchik started his career as a sambo trainer, being at the same time a physical training instructor at the Kama Paper Factory. In 1975 the classes of sambo wrestling got the status of Sport School for Children and Youth under the guidance of the Kama Cellulose Paper Factory. Still there was a critical lack of equipment for trainings. Vasiliy Perchik himself left for Roshal in Moscow region in order to get new mats. Thats when Krasnokamsk became the first town after Perm where sambo wrestlers got the possibility to train at the modern foam-rubber mats.

The successes of sambo wrestling school pupils were growing and soon they attracted the attention of the leaders of the All-Union Sport Committee who let the All-Russian tournament in commemoration of space-pilot Pavel Belyaev to take place in Krasnokamsk. There existed just 10 tournaments of that kind in the country and Krasnokamsk stood among other big cities that were allowed to held All-Russian tournaments. That happened thanks to insistence and initiative of V.Perchik and R.Abdulov.

From December 1973 Krasnokamsk held annual sambo competitions where the country strongest sambo wrestlers participated as well as Krasnokamsk ones. But not only distinguished sportsmen visited our town but also the leaders of USSR and RSFSR Sambo Federation.

In 1976 Rinat Abdulov moved to Perm where he started working in Sport Complex Dinamo. That time on Vasiliy Perchis became the leading trainer so sambo wrestling. For many years he combined his training career with public activity judging all-union, republic and later international competitions. In 1975 he was conferred the rank of the all-union category judge and in 1981 the rank of the international category judge, by the way he was the first in Perm region to get that rank.

The 80-s were the most distinguished years for Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school. The highest results in all-union and world competitions were reached by Vasiliy Shvaya, Valeriy Rozhkov, Ildus Gabdulkhakov, Aleksandr Fadeev, Alvert Mirgalaulov and many others.

V. Perchik trained the sportsmen of high qualification and was given the rank of the honoured trainer of RSFSR and later of USSR .

It was a great honour for Krasnokamsk to get the status of the Specialized Sambo Wrestling Scholl of Olympic Reserve.

Later the school moved to the building of the former track-and-field athletics manege under the guidance of Sport Complex Russia . Vladimir Ponkin, Aleksandr Andropov, Valeriy Oshepkov, Juriy Zikov, Aleksey Kozlov, Andrey Shumkov, Andrey Konovalov, Dmitriy Zotikov, Leonid Shteynikov were the first trainers of sambo in the school.

At the end of the 80-s there appeared a female sambo wrestling department in the school. The pioneers of women sambo were Natalia Kostileva, Natalia Volokitina, Elena Melanchuk, Nona Verbizkaya, Tatiana Vorzheva, Natalia Kosukhina. Those were the girls who showed that weaker sex might also reach great results.

In the 90-s due to the dissolution of the USSR, economic crisis and collapse of the former centralized system of sportsmen training Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school had difficult times. Some of the trainers had to change their jobs or find an extra one. It was problematic to send children to the competitions, especially world championships. Those were the times of total shortage of the things necessary for the school: beginning with wall paint and ending with sport equipment. And its only thanks to V.Perchiks contacts and insistence the problems were solved. The graduators of the school also did their best to help.

The high level was held on by such sportsmen as Vasiliy Shvaya, Natalia Kostileva, Olga Lyubchenco, Irina Rodina, Ildus Gabdulkhakov, Elena Gileva and many others. Natalia Kostileva, the honoured master of sport who won the World and Europe competitions thrice, stood alone in that row.

The Millennium was marked by the appearance of the whole pleiad of new stars of krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school. They were Oleg Rochev, Aleksandr and Mikhail Pankov, Dmitriy Nechaev, Dmitriy Chirkov, Aleksandr Shumkov,Elena Kamenskikh, Maria Molchanova, Ekaterina Burilova who continue to multiply the sport fame of Krasnokamsk.

According to the results of 1998 and 2000 Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school was declared the best one in the country. And its director, V.Perchik, was pronounced the best sambo trainer of Russian Federation and the best trainer in Perm region.

Nowadays the school has the status of the Municipal Educational Institution of Additional Education for Children Specialized sambo wrestling school of Olympic reserve for children and youth.

Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school, 2009
Responsible for development and maintenance: Alexandr Shumkov