Speech of welcome

Vladislav Zhukov,
The head of Krasnokamsk municipal district.

Dear friends! I congratulate all the collective of the Specialized sambo fighting school of Olympic reserve for children and youth with 45th anniversary of sambo fighting in Krasnokamsk and the opening of their own Web-site

Thanks to constant energies and high professionalism of the trainers, great authority and merits of the director of the school Vasiliy Troyanovich Perchik in the world of sambo fighting our school in a short moment became one of the best not only in Russia but also in the world which is verified by a great amount of gold medals at the championships of the World and Europe.

Krasnokamsk sambo fighting school has brought up several generations of spiritually and physically healthy people who found worthy places in different spheres of modern life. Such famous sambo fighters as Vasiliy Shvaya, Natalia Kostileva, Dmitriy Nechaev, Oleg Rochev and many others are exemplary for Krasnokamsk youth.

The authorities of the municipal district sustain sport because of its incompatibility with such vices of modern life as smoking, alcoholism and drug-taking. Noble and elevating art of sambo fighting is a powerful weapon in a struggle against them and serves to strengthen the spirituality of our society.

Im sure that your successes in sport and healthy activity will multiply for the welfare of our native region!

Yuriy Chechetkin,
The head of Krasnokamsk town settlement

Dear friends! Im very glad that Krasnokamsk sambo fighting school decided to come into the world information space with their new Web-site, telling about the successes and achievements of the school.

And you have what to be proud of: year in year out the mastery grows up as well as the high sport class and quality of sportsmen trainings. Your pupils successes are known all around the world. The fame of their attainments has crossed the boarders of not only Krasnokamsk but also of the country long ago.

The kind of sport you are involved into has a great potential for bringing up the growing generation in the spirit of high morality and healthy way of life. Sambo fighting forms high life principals of humanism and patriotism in our children and youth. It opens for them new horizons for perception and self-perfection.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the director of the school, the honorary citizen of the town, Vasiliy Troyanovich Perchik; to the teachers and sportsmen of the school for their long-term great work which resulted in wide interest of citizens for one of the greatest of fighting arts - sambo fighting.

I wish you new sport successes and prosperity to your school!


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