Natalia Kostileva was born in 1969 in Kishert, Perm region, and she was brought up in a childrens home in the town Kungur. When she was 7 she began studying at the boarding school in Krasnokamsk.

Since childhood Natalia knew that sport was her vocation. She tried herself in many kinds of sport and by 16 she has succeeded in volley-ball, foot-ball and even hockey. Once she she was paid attention to by Andrey Konovalov, the trainer of the sambo wrestling school, who at the moment was searching girls for his sambo wrestling classes. So, Natalia became the founder os women sombo wrestling in the town. A lots of girls followed her and the most resulting of them were Natalia Volokitina, Tatiana Vorzheva, Elena Melanchuk, Nona Verbizkaya, Natalia Kosuhina.

The beginner started her trainings with such great enthusiasm that it brought fruit very soon. In 1989 Natalia won the third place at the USSR Championship and began to win the region competitions. The same year Vasiliy Perchik became her trainer. It was he who opened her potential to the full. The 90-s were the bloom of her career.

In 1991 she passed the standard of the master of the sports, and the next year the standard of the aster of sports of international class. In the same 1991 she became the bronze medallist of RSFSR Championship, of the 9 th Sports Day of the USSR People and the Cup of the USSR . In 1992 she became the champion of the Europe and of Moscow . In 1993 she won the championship of Russia and the bronze medal of the World championship. In 1994 she became the repeated champion of Russia , the owner of the Cup of Russia and the Champion of the World. It goes without saying that Perchik was proud of his pupil: no woman in Krasnokamsk could even dream of such a success. In 1996 Kostileva was declared the best sportswoman in Perm region.

She confirmed the title of the best sportswoman of the world twice: in 1996 and 1998 and of the Europe in 1997 and 1998. 1998 was the most successful year for her when she won three golden medals during the year at the championships of Russia , of the Europe and of the World. For people far from sport its difficult to imagine what a great job and insistence stood for those medals.

In 1999 Kostileva again became the champion of the country and the silver medallist of the Cup of Russia. In 2000 she became the owner of the Cup of Russia and in 2001- the owner of the Cup of the World.

Natalia combined her sport career with studies and in 2003 she graduated from Chaykovskiy State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport. She was given the status of the honorary citizen of the town for her high sport results. Natalia is the merited master of sports. Now she works as a trainer and the acting director of studies and sport. Her pupils were repeated winners and medallists of Russia . Natalia Kostileva many times was presented with diplomas of Krasnokamsk sport committee. Shes the tutoress and idol of many girls who are dreaming of the same port heights. Her own idol in sport was and is legendary Vasiliy Shvaya.

Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school, 2009
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