Vasiliy Shvaya is the most famous and successful pupils of Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school. He managed to become a legend during his life. The captain of the USSR national team, the best sambo wrestler of the world won so many victories and prizes that no one in the town did before or after him.

Vasiliy was born in 1963 and started his samdo classes at the age of 10. At the very beginning his trainer V.T.Perchik saw talent and character in the boy and said to himself that the boy would become the champion of the world.

In 1978 Shvaya finished school 2, in 1981 technical school 78 and decided for himself what would become the business of his life.

In five years he passed the standard of the master of sports. In 1982 and 1983 he won the USSR Junior Championship and the World Championship. In December of 83 he got the rank of the master of sports of international class.

Victories followed one another. But only few knew that the surface gloss is just a cover for constant intensive exhausting work. And only a person with a strong character of a wrestler could stand it. Vasiliy Troyanovich didnt have mercy upon his pupil during trainings and didnt let him relax being aware that one could reach something only working as a horse at the breaking point of his possibilities. And Vasiliy got impossible things. Due to his perseverance and diligence he won Russia championship six times, he became the owner of the Cup of Russia twice and the Cup of USSR thrice (1987, 1989, 1991), thrice-repeated champion of USSR (1984, 1986, 1988).

The main aim of his life he was reaching gradually with an enviable insistence. In 1984 he won the bronze medal, in 1986 the silver medal and in 1988 the height of the most prestigious championship surrendered to him. By the way to win that prize Vasiliy fought the strongest Mongolian sambo wrestler three times successively in the final fight and only at the third time he defeated the rival.

But the sportsman wasnt willing to stop at the results reached by him. In 1989 and 1990 he became the owner of the Cup of the World. Thanks to his great successes and authority among sambo wrestlers of the country Vasiliy Shvaya was appointed the captain of the USSR national sambo wrestling team. The same year he got the rank of the merited master of sports of the USSR . In 1992 Shvaya won the Europe championship and was declared the best sambo wrestler of the world.

In 1990s, having reached all possible heights in sport, Vasiliy Shvaya became the head of the public organization created in order to sustain Krasnokamsk sport which experienced great difficulties. Shvaya thanks to his great authority not only in Krasnokamsk but also far from it managed to support good sport traditions of the native town and to make them continue and multiply. Fund Renascence, created by him in 1996 helped to organize practically all big competitions, gave the helping hand to young sportsmen and sport veterans who found themselves in trouble.

The life of a great sportsman, loving husband and father, faithful friend tragically finished in September, 15 in 2001. He was and he is the example of a real man for whom ideas of honour, patriotism and respect to people were sacred, the idol of lots of people connected to sambo wrestling, the example of a real sportsman. So, its not strange that one of the streets in Kranokamsk is named after him, and annual tournaments in his commemoration take place in Perm where the best sportsmen of the country gather to pay tribute to his blessed memory.

Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school, 2009
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