V. Perchik is not just a name, its a kind of a sport brand, which practically the most great successes reached by Krasnokamsk sportsmen abroad are associated with.

Vasiliy Troyanovich has been the leader of the school for 30 years and he never doubted that Krasnokamsk sambo wrestlers would make their small motherland famous. His sacred dream was to make the school the strongest in the country. And his dream came true in 1998 and 2000 Krasnokamsk school was admitted the best sambo wrestling school in the country. Nowadays it is still the leading centre of high level sambo wrestlers in RF.

Vasiliy Troyanovich is one of those men who can make something from nothing in spite of all the difficulties and obstacles. Slowly but faithfully hes going to his aim and when its reached he puts one more goal in front of himself.

His sport carrier started in 1968. Coming back from the army he began working as a physical training instructor at the Kama Cellulose Paper Factory. At the moment he decided to try himself as a trainer. Graduating from Omsk State Physical Training Institute he became the leading trainer of the sambo wrestling school.

Of course, its necessary to learn the bases of the kind of sport before training it and reach some results in it. Vasiliy joined sambo wrestling in the far 1961 when Aleksandr Shirokov, the founder of that kind of sport in Perm Region, came to Krasnokamsk and began to give the classes of sambo under the guidance of Cellulose Paper Technical School . Perchik was supposed to be the best Shirokovs pupil and in 1971 he took the standard of the master of sports. He might go further and conquer other sport heights but he had to think about his future and provide his familys living. So, he choose a trainers vocation. And he didnt make a mistake. His pupils began to make their school famous first at region competitions later at All-union and international ones.

Vasiliy Troyanovich brought up champions and prize-winners of USSR , Russia , Europe and of the world. There are 5 merited masters of sports, 16 masters of sports of international class and more then 100 masters of sports are among his pupils.

In 1988 the sambo wrestling school was given the status of the specialized school of Olympic reserve thanks to high sport results. The best Perchiks pupils are the sportsmen who got the world recognition. Vasiliy Shvaya the merited master of sports, World and Europe champion, the owner of the World and USSR Cup, repeated USSR and RSFSR champion. Aleksandr Fadeev the master of sports, the champion of RSFSR, the merited Trainer of Russia. Ildus Gabdulchakov the merited master of sports, the champion of the world. Valeriy Rozhkov the master of sports of international class, the owner of the World Cup, the champion of USSR . Natalia Kostileva thrice-repeated champion of the World and of Europe , the repeated owner of the World Cup. Dmitriy Nechaev the master of sports of international class, the repeated champion and prize-winner of Europe and Russia championships. Oleg Rochev - the master of sports of international class, the repeated champion and prize-winner of Russia championship, the bronze medallist of the World championship, the winner of the Europe Championship. Aleksandr Pankov - the master of sports of international class, the repeated champion and prize-winner of Russia championship, the silver medallist of the World championship, the winner of the Europe Championship. Michail Pankov the prize-winner of Russia Championship, the repeated winner of the World Championship.

Vasiliy Troyanovich Perchik was given the rank of the merited trainer of USSR and Russia , the rank of the merited worker of physical culture and sport of Russia for his outstanding successes in training sportsmen. More than that he was awarded with the order of friendship and the order of the international amateur sambo wrestling federation. Since 1996 he is the chairman of All-Russian panel of judges, since 1997 - the chairman of the international panel of judges also. His latest achievements are the rank of the best trainer of the year, which he was rewarded with by the sambo wrestling trustee committee of RF according to the results of 2004, and the rank of the best trainer of Perm region which was accompanied by the Cup Sport Elite of Perm Region.

The biggest merit of V.T.Perchik is that he made the small town famous all around the world and open for sportsmen from every region of our country. Together with Rinat Abdulov he got the right to held in Krasnokamsk the All-Russian tournament in memory of space-pilot Pavel Belyaev. This year its going to be the 33d tournament. In 70-80s there were just 10 such tournaments and they took place only in big cites. And Krasnokamsk was afforded the honour to being the exception.

Nowadays being the director of the school Perchik cant help training sportsmen of great mastery. His goal is to create sambo wrestling trustee fund which will include people not indifferent to this kind of sport and willing to sustain it.

A great pleasure for all trainers let alone Vasiliy Perchik is the building up of the new sanitary sport complex one of the quarters of which will be given to sambo wrestlers. Conditions for classes will be more comfortable for sportsmen. And house-warming is planned in 2007. All this became possible thanks to the federal program of building up sanitary sport complexes in small towns of Russia, which V.Perchiks active position and contacts contributed to.

This year V.Perchik is celebrating his 60 th anniversary. Looking back hes satisfied with the successes of his pupils, professionalism of the trainers, the succession of hereditary traditions. All these things let him feel confidence in the future. It goes without saying that his institution with such potential, experience and traditions will multiply the rows of the pupils of the sambo wrestling school and its glorious fame.

Krasnokamsk sambo wrestling school, 2009
Responsible for development and maintenance: Alexandr Shumkov